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This is an index of posts that focus specifically on the authors listed (usually a review or a dedicated post). To save scrolling, click on the letter in the alphabet list to get to that letter in the index. To find other references to authors in this blog, please use the blog’s search function. Australian authors – defined broadly – are identified by their Last Name being in Upper Case


A, Leah: Ten silly poems by a ten year old
Abuelaish, Izzeldin: I shall not hate
Achebe, Chinua: Things fall apart

ADELAIDE, Debra: The women’s pages
Adiga, Avarind: The sultan’s battery
Ahmad, Jamil: The wandering falcon
Alameddine, Rabih: An unnecessary woman
Amado, Jorge: Gabriela, clove and cinnamon
ANDERSON, Jessica:

Anderson, Sherwood: Adventure
Antunes, António Lobo: The natural order of things
APPLETON, Richard: Appo: Recollections of a member of the Sydney Push
ARCHBOLD, Charlie: Mallee boys
Ariyoshi, Sawako: The doctor’s wife
ARNOTT, Robbie: Limberlost
ASH, Romy: The basin


ATKINSON, Louisa: A voice from the country: January
ATKINSON, Neil H: The last wild west
Atta, Sefi: A bit of difference
Atwood, Margaret: The Penelopiad
AU, Jessica: Cold enough for snow
Austen, Jane: See dedicated Jane Austen page
Austin, Mary:

AYRES, Emma: Cadence: Travels with music – a memoir
AZAR, Shokoofeh: The enlightenment of the greengage tree

BACCHUS, Ruth and Barbara Hill: First things first: Selected letters of Kate Llewellyn 1977-2004
BAIL, Murray:

BAIRD, Julia: Phosphorescence
Baker, Jo: Longbourn
BALINT, Christine: Water music
Banville, John: The infinities
Barnes, Djuna: Come into the roof garden, Maud
Barnes, Julian:

Barnum, P.T.: P.T. Barnum in France
Barrier Williams, Fannie: Women in politics
Barry, Kevin: Fjord of Killary
Barua, Jahnavi: Rebirth
Battershill, Claire: Circus
BAYNTON, Barbara:

Beauvoir, Simone de: Memoirs of a dutiful daughter
BEHRENDT, Larissa:

Bennett, Alan:

BENNETT DAYLIGHT, Tegan: Six bedrooms
BERESFORD, Bruce: The best film I never made, and other stories about a life in the arts
BERGNER, Herz: Between sky and sea
Berthoud, Ella and Susan Elderkin: The novel cure: An A-Z of literary remedies
Biggar, Joanna: That Paris year
BIRCH, Tony:

BIRD, Carmel:

BITTO, Emily: The strays
Blackman, Andrew: Nights on Fair Isle
BLACKWOOD, Diana: Chaconne
BLAIN, Georgia: Births deaths marriages
BLAY, Anna Rosner: Sister, sister
BOAKE, Capel: Three short stories
BOBIS, Merlinda: Fish-hair woman
BOYD, Martin: A difficult young man
BRENNAN, Bernadette: A writing life: Helen Garner and her work
Brizendine, Louann: The female brain
BROOKS, David: The grass library
BROOKS, Geraldine: Caleb’s crossing
Brooks, Gwendolyn: Maud Martha
Brown, William Wells: Madison Washington
BRUCE, Mary Grant: The early tales
Burns, Olive Ann: Cold Sassy Tree
BUTTERSS, Philip: An unsentimental bloke: The life and works of CJ Dennis


CALTHORPE, Mena: The dyehouse
CAMBRIDGE, Ada: Monday musings on Australian literature: Ada Cambridge
Camus, Albert: The plague (or, La peste)
CANNOLD, Leslie: The book of Rachael
CAREY, Gabrielle: Moving among strangers
CAREY, Peter:

CARLIN, David and Francesca RENDLE-SHORT:

CARROLL, Steven: The lost life
Cather, Willa:

CATO, Nancy: All the rivers run. Bk 1, A River not yet tamed
Catton, Eleanor: The luminaries
Cerami, Vincenzo: A very normal man
CHAMBERS, Jeremy: The vintage and the gleaning
Chao, Grace L. and Amanda Ambinder Shapiro: Bookclub social: A reader’s guide to online book clubs
Chekhov, Anton: The lady with the little dog
Chevalier, Tracy: Remarkable creatures
Chiang, Ted: Story of your life
Chopin, Kate:


CLARKE, Maxine Beneba: The hate race
CLARKSON, Rebekah: Barking dogs

COETZEE, J.M.: Diary of a bad year
COLEMAN, Claire G:

COLLINS, Carolyn and Roy Eccleston: Trailblazers: 100 inspiring South Australian women
COLLINS, Courtney: The burial
COLLINS, Ros: Rosa: Memories with licence
CONTE, Steven: The Tolstoy Estate
CORMICK, Craig and Harold Ludwick: On a barbarous coast
Crace, Jim: Being dead
CROGGON, Alison: Monsters: A reckoning
CRONIN, Bernard: The last train
CROOME, Andrew:

CUSACK, Dymphna:

DALTON, Trent: Boy swallows universe
Dangarembga, Tsitsi: This mournable body
DARK, Eleanor: Juvenilia
DAVIES, Julian:

DAVIS, Brooke: Lost & found
DAY, Philip: A chink in a daisy-chain
De KRETSER, Michelle:

DeLillo, Don: Midnight in Dostoevsky
DENNIS, C.J.: The many moods of Ginger Mick
Dickens, Charles: On travel
DICKIE, Madelaine:

DICKINSON, Jan Wallace: The sweet hills of Florence
Didion, Joan: Quiet days in Malibu
Dillard, Annie: The Maytrees
DISHER, Garry:

Doerr, Anthony:

Dostoevsky, Fyodor: Crime and punishment
DOWN, Jennifer: Pulse points
DOWSE, Sara:

Du Bois, W.E.B.: Strivings of the Negro People
Duncan, John M.: A Virginia barbecue
DUNDLER, Jarrah: Hey brother
DUSAPIN, Elisa Shua: Winter in Sokcho
DUTHIE, Amanda:

Dyer, Geoff: Jeff in Venice, death in Varanasi

EADIE, Joy: Discovering Charles Meere: Art and Allusion
Eaton, Edith Maude: Mrs Spring Fragrance
EDGAR, Suzanne: The love procession
Edgeworth, Maria: Leonora
Eliot, T.S.:

Elon, Emuna: House on endless waters
Erdrich, Louise: The bingo palace
Eugenides, Jeffrey: Extreme solitude
Evaristo, Bernadine: Girl, woman, other


Field, Edward: WWII
FLANAGAN, Richard:

FLANNERY, Tim: After the future: Australia’s new extinction crisis
Fletcher, Beryl: Juno and Hannah
FLYNN, Chris:

Foer, Jonathan Safran: Everything is illuminated
Forna, Aminatta: The hired man
Forster, EM: Howards End
FORSYTH, Kate: Stories as salvation
Foster, George G: The eating-houses
Franzen, Jonathan: Freedom
Fried, Dinah: Fictitious dishes
FROST, Jennifer: Jane Austen’s sewing box
Frost, Robert: The question of a feather

Galgut, Damon: The promise
GANDOLFO, Enza: The bridge
GARNER, Helen: See dedicated Helen Garner page
Geddes-Brown, Leslie: Books do furnish a room
Gerstäcker, Friedrich: Australia: A German traveller in the age of gold
Ghosh, Amitav: River of smoke
Gide, André: The immoralist (or, L’immoraliste)
GILDFIND, H.C.: The worry front
Godwin, Peter: When a crocodile eats the sun
GOLD, Irma:

GOLDENBERG, Howard: Carrots and Jaffas
GOLDSMITH, Andrea: The reunion

Gordimer, Nadine: Harald, Claudia, and their son Duncan
GORDON, Sandy: Leaving Owl Creek
GOUCH, Gabrielle: Once, only the swallows were free
GOULD, Alan:

GRANT, Stan:

Greene, Graham: Travels with my aunt

GRIFFITH REVIEW 68: Getting on
Griffiths, Jay: A love letter from a stray moon
Griggs, Jeanne: Postcard poems
GUEST, Glenda: A week in the life of Cassandra Aberline

Hadley, Tessa: Friendly fire
HALL, Charles: Summer’s gone
HALL, Rodney: A stolen season

HANFF, Helene: 84 Charing Cross Road
HANRAHAN, Barbara: The scent of eucalyptus
HARPER, Charlotte (ed): Prison post: Letters of support for Peter Greste
HARROWER, Elizabeth:

HARTNETT, Sonya: Golden boys
HAWTHORNE, Susan: Limen
Hearn, Lafcadio: Yuki-Onna
HEISS, Anita:

Hemingway, Ernest: Cat in the rain
HENNESSY, Rachel: The heaven I swallowed
Henry, O: Conscience in art
HENSHAW, Mark: The snow kimono
Herrera, Yuri: Signs preceding the end of the world
HETHERINGTON, Paul and Jen Webb: Watching the world
HICKEY, Margaret: Rural dreams
HILL, Jess: See what you made me do: Power, control and domestic abuse
HOLDEN, Kate: The romantic: Italian nights and days
Holmes, Oliver Wendell: The deacon’s masterpiece: of the wonderful “one-horse shay”
HOOPER, Chloe:

Hopkinson, Deborah and Qin Leng: Ordinary, extraordinary Jane Austen
Hornaday, William T: The bird tragedy of Laysan Island
HORNUNG, Eva: Dog boy
HOSPITAL, Janette Turner:

HOWARD, Rod: A forger’s tale: The extraordinary story of Henry Savery, Australia’s first novelist
Hughes, Bettye Rice: A Negro tourist in Dixie
HUME, Fergus: The mystery of a hansom cab

INGLETON, Sue: Making trouble: Tongued with fire
Irani, Anosh: The parcel
Ishiguro, Kazuo: Nocturnes: Five stories of music and nightfall

JACKSON, Ginny: The still deceived
Jackson, Shirley: Charles
Jacobs, Harriet Ann: The lover
Jacobson, Howard: The Finkler question
Jacques, Claudine: The Blue Cross (or, La Croix bleue)
JAIVIN, Linda: Found in translation: In praise of a plural world
James, Henry: Paste
James, P.D.: Death comes to Pemberley
James, William: On some mental effects of the earthquake
Jansen op de Haar, Arnold: King of Tuzla
JANSON, Julie: Benevolence
Jaswal, Balli Kaur: Erotic stories for Punjabi widows
Jennings, Karen:


JENSEN, Erik: On Kate Jennings
Jerusalmy, Raphaël: Evacuation
Johnson, Adam: The orphan master’s son
Johnson, James Weldon: Stranger than fiction
Johnson, Pauline: A red girl’s reasoning
JOHNSON, Susan: Life in seven mistakes
JOHNSTON, Dorothy:

JOLLEY, Elizabeth:

JONES, Bidda and Julian Davies: Backlash: Australia’s conflict of values over live exports
Jones, Lloyd: Hand me down world

JOSE, Jane: Places women make

Kaikini, Jayant: No presents please: Mumbai stories
KANAKE, Sarah: Sing fox to me
KATSONIS, Maria and Lee KOFMAN (eds): Rebellious daughters: True stories from Australia’s finest female writers
Kazan, Elia: Audience tomorrow: Preview in New Guinea
KEANY, Francis: Follow the leaders: How to survive a modern-day election campaign
Keller, Helen: I go adventuring
KENNEDY, Cate: Australian love stories (editor)
KENT, Hannah: Burial rites
Kertèsz, Imre: Fateless (or, Fatelessness)
KINSELLA, John: Displaced: A rural life
Kipling, Rudyard:

KNEEN, Krissy: Steeplechase
KNOX, Malcolm: Bluebird
KOH, Julie: Portable curiosities: Stories

Krauss, Nicole: The young painters
KRAUTH, Kirsten: just-a-girl
KRIEN, Anna:

KROUK, Nora: Warming the core of things
Kureishi, Hanif: The buddha of suburbia
KWAYMULLINA, Ambelin: Fifteen days on Mars

La Motte, Ellen N.: Alone
LADD, Mike: Invisible mending
LAGUNA, Sofie:

LAMB, Karen: Thea Astley: Inventing her own weather
LANE, William: The salamanders
LANE, William: The workingman’s paradise
LANG, John: The forger’s wife
LANGLEY, Eve: The pea pickers
LAU, Jamie Marina: Pink Mountain on Lotus Island (Guest post)
LAVEAU-HARVIE, Vicki: The erratics
LEANE, Jeanine: Purple threads
LEBKOWICZ, Lesley: The Petrov poems
LEE, Janet: The killing of Louisa
Lee, Min Jin: Pachinko
LEFEVRE, Carol: Murmurations
Lemaitre, Pierre: The great swindle
Letria, José Jorge: If I were a book
Lianke, Yan: Dream of Ding Village

London, Jack: War
LONDON, Joan: The good parents
LOVEGROVE, Sue and Adrienne Eberhard: The voice of water
LOVITT, Zane: The midnight promise
Luiselli, Valeria: Faces in the crowd

LURIE, Morris: Hergesheimer in the present tense
LYNCH, Gay: Unsettled

MACK, Louise:

McBride, Eimear: A girl is a half-formed thing
McCall Smith, Alexander:

McCarthy, Mary: The group
McCARTNEY, Tania and Christina Booth: The Gum Family finds home
McCLELLAND, Matt: Best river and alpine walks around Mt Kosciuszko
McCullers, Carson:

McDERMOTT, Paul: Fragments of the hole
Macdonald, Helen:

McEwan, Ian:

McFARLANE, Fiona: The night guest
McKENNA, Mark: Return to Uluru
McKibben, Bill: Oil and honey
McKINNON, Catherine: Storyland
McLELLAN, Betty: Ann Hannah, my (un)remarkable grandmother: A psychological biography
McNAMARA, Catherine:

McNickle, D’Arcy: Train time
Magee, Audrey: The colony

MAHOOD, Kim: Position doubtful
MALOUF, David: Ransom
Mantel, Hilary:

Marani, Diego: The last of the Vostyachs
Marks, Kathy: Channelling Mannagarlenna
MATTA, Marian: Life, bound
MEANY, Helen: Every day is Gertie Day
MEARS, Gillian: Foal’s bread
Meloy, Maile: Liliana
Mencken, HL: The nature of liberty
MENDELAWITZ, Margaret: Charles Dickens’ Australia: Selected essays from Household Words 1850-1859. Book 1, Convict stories
Menéndez, Ana: Celebrations of Thanksgiving: Cuban offerings
Mengestu, Dinaw: An honest exit
MERRILEES, Margaret:

MERRISON, Carl and Hakea Hustler: Black Cockatoo
MEYER, Angela:

MILLER, Alex: Lovesong
MILLER, Don: Will to win: The West at play
MILLIKEN, Sue: Selective memory: A life in film
Mitchell, David:

Moorehead, Caroline: Dancing to the precipice: Lucie de la Tour du Pin and the French Revolution
MOORHOUSE, Frank: Cold light
MOORHOUSE, Jocelyn: Unconditional love
Mori, Toshio: Japanese Hamlet
Morton, J. Sterling: About trees
MORTON, Rick: One hundred years of dirt
MOSS, Tara: The fictional woman
Muir, John:

Mukherjee, Neel: The lives of others

Munro, Alice: Dimension
Murakami, Haruki:

Murata, Sayaka: Convenience store woman
MURNANE, Gerald:

MYERS, Melanie: Meet me at Lennon’s

NANDAN, Kavita: Home after dark
Nathan, George Jean: Baiting the umpire
NEAVE, Lucy: Believe in me
Nguyen, Viet Thanh: The sympathizer
NIALL, Brenda: True north: The story of Mary and Elizabeth Durack
NOBLE, Ben Smith: The sands of time
NOGRADY, Bianca:

NOWRA, Louis: Into that forest

Oates, Joyce Carol: Beasts
Obama, Barack: Dreams from my father
O’CALLAGHAN, Amanda: This taste for silence
O’Farrell, Maggie:

O’Grady, Emily: The yellow house
O’Hagan, Andrew: The life and opinions of Maf the dog and of his friend Marilyn Monroe
Olmsted, Frederick Law: Trees in streets and in parks
O’REILLY, Paddy:

ORR, Stephen:

Orwell, George:

Oskison, John M: The singing bird
Owens, Delia: Where the crawdads sing

PAGE, Geoff: The scarring
PALMER, Vance:

Pamuk, Orhan: Snow
PARK, Ruth:

PARK, Ruth and D’Arcy NILAND: The drums go bang
PARK, Tony: The cull
Parker, Annie: Passages in the life of a slave woman
Parry, Richard Lloyd: People who eat darkness
Patchett, Ann: The bookshop strikes back
PASCOE, Bruce: Dark emu
PATERSON, A.B.: The man from Snowy River, and other verses
PATRIĆ, AS: Black rock white city
PAULL, Emily: Well-behaved women
PERLMAN, Elliot: The street sweeper
PHAM, Hoa: Lady of the realm
PHILLIPS, Sara: The best Australian science writing 2020 (editor)
PIERCE, Nell: A place near Eden
Poe, Edgar Allan: Hop-Frog
PORTER, Dorothy:

PRICHARD, Katharine Susannah:

PROUDFOOT, Julie: The neighbour
PRYOR, Boori (Monty): Maybe tomorrow
PUNG, Alice: Her father’s daughter

RAWSON, Jane: A wrong turn at the Office of Unmade Lists
RENDLE-SHORT, Francesca: Bite your tongue
RIWOE, Mirandi: The fish girl
ROACH, Archie: Tell me why: the story of my life and my music
ROBERTSON, Deborah: Sweet old world
ROBINSON, Alice: Anchor point
Robinson, Marilynne: Gilead
ROE, Jill: Our fathers cleared the bush
ROSE, Heather:

ROSSITER, Richard (ed):

ROWE, Josephine: A loving, faithful animal
ROWLEY, Hazel: Franklin and Eleanor: An extraordinary marriage
Roy, Anuradha: The folded earth
RUBIN, Halina: Journeys with my mother
Rushdie, Salman: The empress of Florence
RUSSELL, Roslyn: Maria returns: Barbados to Mansfield Park

Sala, George Augustus: The tyranny of pie
SALA, Michael: The lost thread
SANDERS, Zora: Meanjin 1 (2013), The Canberra issue (ed.)
SANGUINETTI, Jill: School days of a Methodist lady: A journey through girlhood
Sayrafiezadeh, Saïd: Appetite
SAVAGE, Angela:

SCARFE, Wendy:

SCARFE, Wendy and Allan Scarfe: A mouthful of petals: Three years in an Indian village
SCOTT, Kim: That deadman dance
SCOTT, Kim/Kim Vanessa:

Scott, Sir Walter: Waverley, Vol. 1
Sebald, WG: Austerlitz
SEYMOUR, Jasmine and Leanne Mulgo WATSON: Cooee mittigar: A story on Darug songlines
SHAW, Jonathan: None of us alone
SHEARSTON, Trevor: Hare’s fur
SHELDON, Deborah: 300 degree days & other stories
SHIRM, Gretchen: Having cried wolf
Shriver, Lionel: So much for that
Shin, Kyung-Sook: Please look after mom
SIEMIENOWICZ, Rochelle: Fallen: A memoir about sex, religion and marrying too young
SILVEY, Craig: Jasper Jones
Simonson, Helen: Major Pettigrew’s last stand
SIMIĆ, Olivera: Surviving peace: A political memoir
SIMSION, Graeme: The Rosie project
SKINNER, Mollie: The hand
Skloot, Rebecca: The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
SMITH, Annabel: The Ark
SMITH, Dominic: The electric hotel
SOLONEC, Cindy: Debesa: The story of Frank and Katie Rodriguez
Spahić, Ognjen: All of that
SPARGO-RYAN, Anna: The paper house
SPICER, Chrystopher J: Cyclone country: The language of place and disaster in Australian literature
ST JOHN, Madeleine: The women in black
STAMATELLIS, Phillip: Growing up cafe: A short memoir
STEAD, Christina:

STEED, Laurie: You belong here
Stegner, Wallace: Crossing to safety
Stratton-Porter, Gene: The last Passenger Pigeon
STRINGER, Margaret Rose: And then like my dreams
Styron, William: Rat Beach
SWANN, Leah:

SZE, Heidi: Nurturing your new life: Words and recipes for the new mother

TAN, Shaun: Eric
TANSLEY, Tangea: A break in the chain: The early Kozminskys
TASMA (Jessie Couvreur): Uncle Piper of Piper’s Hill: An Australian novel
TEMPLE, Peter: Truth
Teo, Sharlene: Ponti
Terrell, Mary Church: What it means to be colored in the the capital of the United States
Thackeray, William Makepeace: The luck of Barry Lyndon
THIRKELL, Angela: Trooper to the Southern Cross
THOMPSON, Adam: Born into this
THOMPSON, Karenlee: Flame tip
Thomson, Virgil: Taste in music
THORNDYKE, Julie: Mrs Rickaby’s lullaby
Thurber, James: The lady on the bookcase
TIFFANY, Carrie: Mateship with birds
Toer, Pramoedya Ananta: This earth of mankind
TOLTZ, Steve:

Towles, Adam: A gentleman in Moscow
Tranum, Sam and Lois Kapila: Love on the road 2015: Twelve more tales of love and travel
Trevor, William: The woman of the house
TRINCA, Helen: Madeleine: A life of Madeleine St John
TSIOLKAS, Christos:

TUCKER, Michelle Scott: Elizabeth Macarthur: A life at the edge of the world

TURNER, Ethel: Tales from the Parthenon
Twain, Mark:

TWOHIG, Julie: Full circle

Updike, John: The lovely troubled daughters of our old crowd
US MOB WRITING: Too deadly: Our voice, our way, our business

VAN LUYN, Ariella: Treading air

VARGA, Susan:

Vargas Llosa, Mario: The feast of the Goat
Verghese, Abraham: Cutting for stone
VIGGERS, Karen: The orchardist’s daughter
VISKIC, Emma: Resurrection Bay
Vitale, Ida: Byobu
VON ARNIM, Elizabeth:

Wallace, David Foster:

WALLIS, Hartmann: Who said what, exactly
Walpole, Horace: The castle of Otranto
WARD, Biff:

WARUNG, Price:


Waters, Sarah: The little stranger
Webster, Noah: On the absurdity of a Bill of Rights
Welty, Eudora: A curtain of green
West, Nathanael: Business deal
Wharton, Edith:

WHEATLEY, Nadia: Her mother’s daughter: A memoir
WHITE, Jessica:

WHITE, Patrick: Happy Valley
WILLANSKI, Cassie Flanagan: Here where we live
WILLIAMS, Sue: Live and let fry
WILSON, Josephine: Extinctions
WINCH, Tara June:

Winterson, Jeanette: Oranges are not the only fruit


WOMERSLEY, Chris: A lovely and terrible thing
WOOD, Charlotte:

WOOD, Danielle: Mothers Grimm
Woolf, Virginia: The mark on the wall
WRIGHT, Alexis: Carpentaria
WRIGHT, Clare:

WRIGHT, Fiona: Small acts of disappearance: Essays on hunger
WYLD, Evie: All the birds, singing

Yoshimoto, Banana: The lake
YOUNAN, Marie with Jill SANGUINETTI: A different kind of seeing: My journey
YU, Ouyang: Diary of a naked official

ZABLE, Arnold: Sea of many returns
Zinn, Howard: Finishing school for pickets
Zitkala-Ša: The soft-hearted Sioux
ZUSAK, Marcus: The book thief

14 thoughts on “Author Index

    • Thanks for the commendation! 🙂 We clearly do agree on quite a bit.

      I have read quite a bit of Japanese fiction – I’ve read books by, for example, Junichiro Tanizaki, Natuso Kirino, Yukio Mishima, Banana Yoshimoto, and Yusanari Kawabata but these were before I started blogging (which was just over a year ago). I have been tempted to write up Kirino here but am not sure I can do a good enough job on a book I read a little while ago. BUT I would like to read more and will gradually do so, so thanks for the encouragement. I need to read more European and South American fiction too. I have read Shadow of the wind – liked it but not enough to say he’s a must read for me ahead of others I want to read. I gather you like him?

    • Sorry but I can’t answer that. I suspect they’d be a bit dated now but I really don’t know. They were popular in the 60s and 70s I think but I as I recollect they weren’t really read in our house. However, they may be worth checking out for the era – 30s-50s? – they portray?

  1. Dear Sirs! I would like to offer you my translation of “Master and Margarita” by Russian writer M.Bulgakov.
    I’ll be glad to discuss the possibility to publish it with the help of your Publishing House.

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