Monday musings on Australian literature: Australian Women Writers’ Challenge 2015

awwchallenge2015For the fourth year now, I’m devoting the year’s last Monday Musings to the Australian Women Writers Challenge*.

The challenge continues to be supported by a wide range of reviewers. This year we moved to a self-hosted site which enabled us to produce a single searchable database of all reviews logged since the challenge started in 2012. We now have reviews for nearly 3,000 books across all forms and genres of Australian women’s writing. An impressive resource, I’d say, for its breadth and accessibility.

As usual, the Challenge ran some special events during the year, including a focus on Lesbian/Queer women writers,  author Q&As, and an In Conversation With series. These were organised by some wonderful challenge volunteers, particularly Jessica White, Marisa Wikramanayake and Annabel Smith. I think these posts deserve more air, so will share them here:

The Australian Women Writers’ Challenge is the only challenge I do (or have ever done). This year I posted 27 reviews for the challenge, three fewer than last year. I managed a similar variety in my reading, but unlike last year, I didn’t manage to read one book from my TBR pile. It was, I must say, an erratic year for me and I feel that I lurched from book to book, scrabbling to keep up. If I set myself one goal for next year it would be to tackle the TBR pile a little! On the plus side, three Australian women feature in my top ten posts for the year – Hannah Kent, Barbara Baynton, and Tara June Winch. What a diverse group that is!

Anyhow, here’s my list of works read for this year (with links to the reviews):




There are some subtle differences from last year’s list to this. For example, last year nearly all the non-fiction reads were memoirs, whereas this year only two are. I read a similar number of novels as last year, but twice the number of historical fiction novels, 4 versus last year’s 2. I will talk more about that in another end of year post. I would like to have read more classics/older books.

Anyhow, if you are interested in the challenge, you can check it out here. I don’t believe the sign up form is ready for 2016, but watch the site. You are most welcome – whether you are female or male – to join us. The challenge is also on Facebook, Twitter (@auswomenwriters), GoodReads and Google+.

Finally, a big thanks to Elizabeth and the rest of the team – including Lewis, our wonderful database developer – for making it all such a cooperative, and enjoyable experience. Roll on 2016.

* This challenge was instigated by Elizabeth Lhuede in 2012 in response to concerns in Australian literary circles about the lack of recognition for women writers. I am one of the challenge’s volunteers – with responsibility for the Literary and Classics area.

12 thoughts on “Monday musings on Australian literature: Australian Women Writers’ Challenge 2015

  1. Reviews for 3,000 books is really amazing! I’d say the Challenge has been and continues to be a great success! And you did really well this year too. Looking forward to 2016!

    • Thanks Stefanie. It’s a great achievement I think. The reviews vary greatly in style, but that’s part of the treasure of them. As well as providing a great resource for readers of Australian literature, and for those interested in Australian women writers, it also provides an insight into the reading community – a self-selected one but nonetheless a pretty diverse one.

  2. LOL I too am feeling guilty about not having read more classics/older books. If I don’t read something by Katherine Susannah Prichard before Nathan Hobby publishes his bio I am going to lock myself in my library until I do.

  3. Thanks for being a volunteer for the AWW Challenge, we readers enjoy it so much. I always read the regular wrap ups and other articles, plus try and read a number of books of course. I haven’t had time to look back at this year yet, but need to do it for a couple of challenges. I know I did “complete” my challenge level this year, but like you too many books remain unread- but this does leave us many delights for 2016- I’ve already made a start on that with an audiobook in the car that will take me into January.

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