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Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize, 2011

November 9, 2011
Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize 2011 Badge

Image created by Matt of A Novel Approach

This week, to whet your appetite (unbeknownst to you!), I focused my Monday Musings on Asian Australian writers … What, do you say, was I whetting your appetite for? Well, for a plan to review the longlist for this year’s Man Asian Literary Prize, which is an annual literary award given to the best novel* by an Asian writer published in the previous calendar year. The plan involves a team – conceived by Lisa and Matt (see below) – of bloggers who will review, between them, all the longlisted titles.

The longlisted books are:

Our Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize 2011 blogging team consists of

Each blogger will post her/his own review/s and will also post links to reviews on team members’ blogs.

After the announcement of the shortlist next January and before the winner is announced in March, we will, if possible, select a shadow winner. Watch this space (well, not THIS ACTUAL SPOT) for updates.

Thanks to Kevin from Canada whose Shadow Giller Prize Jury inspired our plan. And again, thanks to Lisa for getting our ball rolling and to Matt for creating our logo. We hope our readers enjoy this coordinated approach to providing reviews …

* The novel can be either written in English or translated to English.

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  1. November 9, 2011 21:30

    Amazing! What a wonderful project! I have only read a couple of these authors and look forward to reading your comments and points of view. There is really so much to read and reread out there. Good luck and enjoy! best, cat

    • November 9, 2011 23:27

      Oh good Catherine, glad you are interested … which authors have you read? I’ve only read Murakami and Yoshimoto before. There is TOO much to read out there isn’t there!

  2. November 10, 2011 00:55

    The Shadow Giller Prize is one of my favorite….heck, it is my favorite literary award. Yes, it is better than the Tournament of Books. The judging is every bit as good and open and the selection of books tends to be better. I expect the same from the Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize. This will ensure that I give due attention to the books listed here.

    I can hardly wait for coverage to begin.

    I had just been thinking, actually, that I wish there were more Shadow juries in the Shadow Giller mold. The goddesses and gods have provided. Thank you, Sue and Lisa and Matt and Stu and Fay! I know you must have been answering my prayers specifically. You’re the best!

    • November 10, 2011 01:08

      Thanks Kerry, glad you are pleased. I think it will be fun – and great to read some diverse literature. The first reviews have been done and I’ll post a link to them tomorrow – two members had already read them. I don’t have any of the books in my hands at present so my first review will be a little time coming yet.

  3. November 10, 2011 01:10

    That’s a very nice project, I look forward to the winner.:)
    I’ve read books (not the ones mentioned here) by three authors from that list. I loved Tarun J. Tejpal’s “The Alchemy of Desire”. Beautiful book!

    • November 10, 2011 01:40

      Thanks Delia … I’ve only read two of the authors, Murakami and Yoshimoto (though I have Ghosh on my TBR pile). Which other two have you read? Thanks for the heads up re Tejpal.

      • November 10, 2011 02:03

        I’ve read After Dark by Murakami and The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh, and liked them both.
        As for The Alchemy of Desire, if you ever come across it just read the first and the last sentence in the book. That convinced me to buy it. 🙂

        • November 10, 2011 09:10

          Thanks for replying Delia. I’ve read After dark too and liked it a lot. Glass palace is on my TBR pile. Must. Read. Ghosh!

  4. November 10, 2011 01:56

    I’ve loved following the Shadow Giller and think the Shadow Asian Man is a fantastic idea. PLUS you just introduced me to four new-to-me intelligent blogs!

    • November 10, 2011 09:12

      Great Debbie … that’s supposed to be one of the side-benefits of a team approach! Hope you enjoy the reviews.

  5. November 10, 2011 04:28

    I’m looking forward to all the reviews! There are a number of books on the list that I already would like to read but others that I have not heard of. This is going to be detrimental to my TBR list!

  6. November 10, 2011 07:56

    That’s a really interesting looking list. The only one I have read is the Amitav Ghosh, which was good fun.

  7. November 10, 2011 08:08

    A wonderful idea — and I’m looking forward to following all your reviews.

    As a member of the Shadow Giller jury, I had an absolute ball reading all the shortlisted books — and I’m sure you guys will have just as much fun reading the ones on the Man Asian lists.

    • November 10, 2011 09:14

      Thanks for the encouragement kimbofo … I’m going to find it hard keeping up but I know I’ll enjoy the experience. Post Xmas is usually a good time for reading for me so I have hopes.

  8. November 10, 2011 10:57

    Oh how fun! I have all the books on my Amazon wish list – even the one that’s not even a pre-release here. I’ve read 1Q84 and others by Murakami, I’ve read Sea of Poppies by Amitov Ghosh and I’ve read God of Small Things by Roy. I’ve also heard of Yoshimoto and Shin. I think I might just read along with you guys if I have time.

    • November 10, 2011 15:50

      Good for you Bekah … and if you write them up on your blog, let us know. I’ve read Yoshimoto and have just decided today that I must give priority to hers here in my reading for this. (BTW This is a different Roy – Anuradha not Arundhati. So easy to confuse!)

  9. November 10, 2011 11:19

    Loving this idea! How do I get involved next time you run it?

    • November 21, 2011 09:17

      Sorry, Justine, I’ve just realised I’ve never responded to this. Who knows if we’ll run in again, though it’s a good bet that we will. You could contact us around the time the longlist is due out and see what’s happening. I won’t promise to remember to contact you … the brain is mush these days for such long term future-memory!

  10. November 10, 2011 14:58

    Oh fantastic! Because you definitely don’t have enough on your plate already! 😉

    Teehee! Just let me know when I can help out by coming over to cook you scrambled eggs for lunch 😉

  11. November 13, 2011 00:26

    really look forward to your review Sue ,all the best stu

    • November 13, 2011 00:44

      Thanks Stu, just don’t hold your breath as I haven’t got any of the books in my hot little hands yet!

  12. November 23, 2011 20:19

    I think this is wonderful and will be reading and following your progress. All the best.

    • November 23, 2011 23:57

      Thanks Kinna … and if you read any of the books I’ll be looking our for your review/s.


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