For voyeurs only – I’m at Scene of the Blog

Scene of the blog graphis

If you want to have a little peek at where I blog, go check out my Scene at Kittling: Books … and while there, do have a look around her blog. I love her Widget headings, such as “Top commenters, Bless ’em”. We do, too, don’t we! Note to self: Try to comment more on other blogs.

Anyhow, thanks Cathy for inviting me to be one of your Scenes. I rather enjoyed preparing my Scene. And it was fun checking out the other Scenes and discovering how many of us are “sofa bloggers”. I discovered, as you assured me, that I wasn’t alone!

14 thoughts on “For voyeurs only – I’m at Scene of the Blog

  1. I’ve just been to Scene of the Blog and so excited to see a glimpse of your Scene, and found one more thing in common other than our Jane Austen connection, it’s our Laptop… don’t you just love it! What a cozy hub you have there. I have a JA shelf too, I’ll check out Alex’s later. So glad to find people sharing common interests. Books into movies? That’s my cup of tea 😉

    • LOL Thanks Arti … it was fun preparing my scene and deciding what to show. I nearly showed the tumbling over TBR piles but decided on my Jane Shelves and Women’s shelves instead as reflecting a bit of my reading preferences. Yes, I love my MacPro. I’ve been a Mac user (at home – at work we had those other things!) since 1985 and bought my first Mac laptop in 1993. I’m addicted. Funnily enough I haven’t yet moved into the iPhone … perhaps it’s cos I fear I’ll find another addiction!

      And books into movies – yes, we share a bit don’t we.

      Oh, and Alex’s JA shelves are very impressive…

  2. Ah, your fame is spreading further Mrs Gums. How fantastic, and well deserved. Of course we blog readers love the act of the voyeur. A lovely sneek peek.

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