Queensland Literary Awards 2021 shortlist announced

I haven’t reported often on these awards, but they are an example of the literary world’s faith in the value of awards, as any of you who remember their history will know. They are an interesting set of awards because they combine specific state awards and awards for which all Australian writers are eligible. And they have some great categories, including one for short story collections, which appeals to me. The full shortlist is available on their site. I will just list a selection of the categories here, but there are also awards for Poetry, Children’s and YA Books for example, if you are interested.

Queensland Premier’s Award for a work of State Significance ($25,000)

  • Lech Blaine’s Car crash: A memoir
  • Laura Elvery’s Ordinary matter
  • Fiona Foley’s Biting the clouds
  • Patty Lees with Adam C Lees’ A question of colour (Lisa’s review)
  • Jaya Savige, Change machine

David Unaipon Award for an Unpublished Indigenous Writer ($15,000)

  • Ngankiburka-mekauwe (Senior Woman-of Water) Georgina Williams’ Mekauwe= Tears Volume #1 (Notes For Song) 1970-2020
  • Chella Goldwin’s Politiks

University of Southern Queensland Short Story Collection-Steele Rudd Award ($15,000)

Book cover
  • Laura Elvery’s Ordinary matter
  • Melissa Manning’s Smokehouse
  • Elizabeth Tan’s Smart ovens for lonely people (Bill’s review)
  • Adam Thomspon’s Born into this (my review)
  • Barry Lee Thompson’s Broken rules and other stories 

University of Queensland Non-Fiction Book Award ($15,000)

  • Lech Blaine’s Car crash: A memoir
  • Eleanor Hogan’s Into the loneliness
  • Henry Reynolds’ Truth-telling (Janine’s review)
  • Luke Stegemann’s Amnesia Road (Janine’s review)
  • Marian Wilkinson’s The carbon club

University of Queensland Fiction Book Award ($15,000)

Book cover

Courier-Mail People’s Choice Queensland Book of the Year Award ($10,000)

  • Trent Dalton’s All the shimmering skies
  • Sandra Hogan’s With my little eye
  • Kathleen Jennings’ Flyaway
  • Susan Johnson’s From where I fell (Lisa’s review)
  • Grantlee Kieza’s Banks

There are books here that I’ve heard a lot about, and that are on my TBR here, and books I haven’t heard of at all. What about you? Any favourites here? Any surprises or tempters?

The winners will be annnounced on 9 September. Good luck to all.

11 thoughts on “Queensland Literary Awards 2021 shortlist announced

  1. The category I’m most interested in is (of course) fiction… and I’m tempted by Friends and Dark Shapes. (But, *sigh* it’s another one about grief, and millennial grief at that, so I’m in no hurry, not until someone I know reviews it.)
    LOL Text who used to send me books including a fair few I had no interest in reading have stopped sending them altogether. They’ve switched to e-copies for reviewers (because of C-19, they said) so I never see their books any more unless (as above) someone I know reviews them.

  2. As a Brisbanite, I thank you for this Queensland list. I haven’t read the book yet (and don’t particularly like the bookcover) but from what I’ve heard UQP Amanda Lohrey’s Labyrinth is in with a good chance.

  3. HI Sue, I read and greatly enjoyed Charlotte McConaghy’s Migrations (and yes, it was called The Last Migration when I read it); and Nardi Simpson’s Song of the Crocodile is astonishing. Laura Elvery’s collection Ordinary Matter is very accomplished, too. SLL Lim’s Revenge is on my TBR.

    • Thanks Angela … it’s really weird because I can’t see any reference to the change of title anywhere where I looked, even on her blog, though I may have missed it. Thanks for your comments on Simpson, with which I agree, and Elvery which I’d like to read (as well as Revenge!)

  4. Hi there – please remove me from your mailing list. I cannot find the Unsubscribe section when I click on the link. I just don’t have time to read your articles & am running out of email storage.

    Thank you – Julie (O’Brien)

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