Whispering Gums has a new URL – and some news

It’s time I did it and so I did. I have, through WordPress, bought my own domain name.

This means that the URL for Whispering Gums is now http://whisperinggums.com

My old address – https://whisperinggums.wordpress.com – will be automatically redirected by the wonderful WordPress to this new one . However, you may find it more efficient to update your bookmarks. Also, if you have generously linked to my blog from yours, you may like to update that link to the new address (that is, http://whisperinggums.com).

I think this means I’ve come of age … well, more or less, as I’m still hosted by WordPress. Can you, do you think, come of age in baby steps?

The news

The time seemed right to make this change, because last week I discovered (thanks to Nigel Featherstone of Under the counter or a flutter in the dovecot) that Reading Matters and Whispering Gums have been included in the reviews excerpted on the first two pages of the September-released small format edition of Gillian MearsFoal’s bread. Two litblog reviews and several newspaper and journal reviews! That’s exciting (to Kim and me anyhow).

With Lisa’s ANZLitLovers now being harvested by Pandora, and Allen and Unwin including litblog reviews in the print edition of a multi-award-winning novel, it seems that litblogs, amateur as well as professional, are starting to be  recognised as part of Australia’s cultural landscape. This carries responsibilities of course, but I reckon we’re up to it!

40 thoughts on “Whispering Gums has a new URL – and some news

  1. Hearty congratulations on both counts! I’m glad high-quality lit-blogs like Whispering Gums are getting the attention they deserve. Here’s hoping to greater diversity in terms of Australian literary commentary, and acknowledgement of the need for newspaper reviews as well as reviews on many other platforms.

    • I’m not sure but I suspect it’s because I’m staying with wordpress.com and you went self-hosted and are now through wordless.org … but I don’t understand much more than that. I’m not sure that the option I took was available when you bought your domain … but my approach leaves me with all the wordpress functionality I’m used to but it doesn’t have the flexibility that you have I think in terms of design, upload quantity etc. At least that’s my minimal understanding of it all.

    • Laziness, Guy. It’s less typing every time I need to type my URL somewhere! And, I think it probably “looks” better, though I’m not quite sure who to! I’ve dillied and dallied for a long time about it.

    • Thanks Karen Lee … I was pretty chuffed. It’s interesting they didn’t tell me (or Kim). Copyright-wise they have the right to quote, I suppose. Still, it would have been nice methinks to let us know. I’m glad Nigel told me – otherwise I may never have known since I’d already bought an earlier edition, nor would Kim our Aussie expat in England have known I expect.

  2. Congratulations, Sue. Your reviews deserve to be read by a wider public.

    Re ‘Baby steps’ – how else does one come of age? We all start off with baby steps which get bigger as we go along though it seems to me your reviews started off with big steps anyway.

  3. Nice. I’ve updated my links. So they’re printing you on paper now, with ink and everything? It’ll be carved in stone next, with decorative rhomboids.

  4. Updated my blogroll, Sue.

    And thanks for letting me know about Foal’s Bread. I told my sister (in FNQ) and she went out and bought the book, then took a photograph for me to post on my Facebook page. I now hope she reads the book, because I think she’d love it.

  5. Congratulations! I think it’s great that publishers are taking book blogs seriously and including them alongside newspaper reviews. Well done! I get your new posts through RSS – seems to be working still, so guess I don’t have to change anything?

    • Thanks Andrew … it is good that we are being recognised. I don’t know much about RSS but I would assume that since the RSS is generated from the blog that it would automatically generate from the new URL so I reckon you don’t have to do anything! I tend to use direct email subscriptions rather than RSS.

  6. I reckon you’re up to it! And congrats on being included in this new field. I love this cross-fertilisation between litblogs and big publishers – grass roots and tall poppies. It’s fantastically democratic and I think this exchange will really keep books and reading alive.

  7. Oh what wonderful news. It is intriguing that they didn’t tell you. Quite bad form actually I think. But I’m glad you’re receiving such high level recognition. I think I’m still getting a feed from Google Reader, but will change it there in case it stops sometime.

    • Thanks Louise … I agree really. I think it would have been the right thing to do even if not legally required. As for Google Reader, the posts are supposed to be redirected but they recommend that people change the address over to be sure and make it more direct.

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