Monday musings on Australian literature: Reading Matters’ ANZLitMonth

ReadingMattersANZLitLogoThis is the third year that expat journalist Kim has hosted an Australian Literature month on her blog Reading Matters – except that this year, for the first time, she has included New Zealand literature in her scope. As she writes in her introductory post, her aim is to celebrate and “raise awareness of the amazing range of literature produced by these two countries, much of which never gets publicised beyond their shores”. 

Over the month, which is nearly over, she has reviewed several books from the antipodes, highlighted some current award winners and interesting shortlists, used Australian bloggers for her Triple Choice Tuesdays, and published some specific suggested readings posts (including two guest posts). 

With Kim’s permission, I’m providing links to the suggested readings posts in today’s Monday Musings. As a reader of my blog, you’ve already shown an interest in Aussie literature, and so it’s likely the most of you will probably have heard of many of the books listed in these posts, but you never know …

Kim’s Triple Choice Tuesdays are always worth checking out. In them she asks her chosen blogger to name three books: a favourite, one that changed his/her world, and one that deserves wider recognition. The Aussie bloggers featured (so far) this month are:

  • Kirsten Krauth, author of just_a_girl (my review)
  • Book to the Future (Michelle McLaren), whose plan is to read (and review) a book from every year of the 20th century in chronological order
  • Alan Carter, crime novelist who was born in England but emigrated to Australia in 1991

These links provide just a sample of what has been happening over at Reading Matters this month. To see more, check out this link to all posts for the month …

Thanks Kim for hosting another month promoting our literature – and for the opportunity to write a guest post. I look forward to next year’s event!

11 thoughts on “Monday musings on Australian literature: Reading Matters’ ANZLitMonth

    • Thanks Louise … yes, I agree, I love that people set themselves these challenges. I’m way to wishy-washy for that, so just enjoy the endeavours of others vicariously!

      • Coincidentally, when I popped over to Book to the Future to have a look, a member of my writing group, Emily Paull, had just written a guest blog! There’s only three of us in the writing group, so it’s not like the odds of that happening are high!

  1. Thanks, Sue, for highlighting #ANZLitMonth, which has turned into a bit of a labour of love. As much as I enjoy running it and reading books from Australia and New Zealand for a whole month, by the time I get to the end I’m exhausted!

    • I understand that, Kim … it’s a commitment that you have to put specific energy into isn’t it? I was OS when the month started. Maybe next year I could post about it earlier in the month, though later of course means I have content to point to and that’s the important thing isn’t it? Anyhow, well done! Aussie Lit thanks you.

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