Man Asian Literary Prize 2011 Shortlist announced

Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize 2011 Badge

Image created by Matt Todd of A Novel Approach

… And my preferred two books – those by Ahmad and Yoshimoto – of the three I’ve read are in the final seven books. Woo hoo … but I have a lot to read to catch up to the rest of the team.

The shortlisted books are:

  • Jamil Ahmad’s Wandering falcon
  • Jahnavi Barua‘s Rebirth
  • Rahul Bhattacharya’s The sly company of people who care
  • Amitav Ghosh‘s River of smoke
  • Kyung-Sook Shin’s Please look after mom
  • Yan Lianke‘s Dream of Ding Village
  • Banana Yoshimoto‘s The lake

You can find our  Shadow team’s reviews by clicking the team logo in the blog sidebar or by clicking on the Man Asian Literary Prize 2011 page.

10 thoughts on “Man Asian Literary Prize 2011 Shortlist announced

  1. Lots to love here. I chose reading over writing near the end and need to post three more reviews. Looking forward to hearing what you say about a couple of my faves.

    • Am in quandary … Of the four books I had lined up, only one is on the shortlist … Will read it and then try to access the others pronto. Am in the mountains at present with my iPad and am not on top of formatting wordpress using its, hence the abbreviated announcement which I’ll fix when I get home tonight … Plus add the reviews that Matt and Lisa have posted to my Page. I do tend to go for writing though of course I have to enjoy reading it too! I came across one Wandeing falcon review that criticised the writing … That surprised me.

  2. Yay that two of your favorites that you read made the shortlist. Yay too for River of Smoke. I read Sea of Poppies a couple years ago a loved it and am looking forward to the time when I manage to fit in River of Smoke.

    • Yay indeed, Stefanie, since I’m so behind. I now have to read quick time (which probably means that’s what I should be doing now!!) Oh, and I think I’m going to have to read River of smoke before I read Sea of poppies. I gather it doesn’t matter but it’s a shame.

  3. I’m amazed how in-touch you are with Asian literature, WG! Is it due to personal interest or the location of your country being in proximity to Asia? I truly feel that we who are living in N.A. are isolated from the rest of the world… even though there are lots of immigrants here, myself being one. It’s always interesting to come over here and read about writers and books that I’ve never heard of… but that I need to know more about.

    • A bit of both, really Arti. My interest in Asian Literature was particularly fuelled by a friend I made when I lived in California, would you believe? She had lived in Japan and introduced me to some Japanese writers. That was in the early 90s. Around the same time, I became aware of Chinese American writers like Amy Tan — and some Indian/Sri Lankan born writers like Rushdie, Mistry and Ondaatje. You know, the more well-known “Asian” writers. From these, I guess the interest grew, fuelled by our location and Asian immigration here, but I’m still really a dabbler with more breadth than depth.

      • WG, since you mentioned him… you know I haven’t read any Rushdie and Midnight’s Children is on my TBR list for this year, before the film adaptation comes out in the fall. Somebody was reading my post and suggested I read MC with her together, and now I’m now hosting a Midnight’s Children Read Along from March to June! If you’re interested, you’re most welcome to join us. We’ll sure appreciate your insights. You may click on the link I’ve embedded for more details. Kawabata’s The Sound of the Mountain is my current review, love to have your opinion on it too. 🙂

        • Oh Arti, would love to join you as it would be great to read it again before seeing the movie but I don’t think I can manage it (even though a readalong SHOULD be manageable shouldn’t it?!). Will pop over and check out The sound of the mountain.

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