Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards, 2009

Queenland has done itself proud with this year’s award winners: Richard Flanagan’s Wanting, Chloe Hooper’s The tall man, Nam Le’s The boat and Adam Elliot’s film script for Mary and Max all won their sections. All great works. Perhaps I should try to read the winners of the other sections. I like how these judges think!

Thanks to Lisa at ANZLitlovers for drawing my attention to the announcement. As she wrote, a full listing of the awards can be found at Matilda.

4 thoughts on “Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards, 2009

  1. Thank goodness for you and Lisa! I get distracted felting or spinning and weave myself out of the loop! It’s great to have blogging friends who are in the know so that I can blithely swan into my Book Group meetings sounding like I know what’s going down. It’s a terrible pressure to be an ex-English teacher member of book groups composed of the mothers of past students. They expect one to know stuff!!

    I have Nam Le’s ‘The Boat’ but I haven’t read it yet. Ditto ‘Wanting’.

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