Ten Year Monday Musings Giveaway Winners

And so, as promised, I drew the two winners of my ten year Monday Musings giveaway this evening, August 17.

There were fewer entries than for last year’s blogiversary draw, but that just gives the entrants a higher chance of winning! There were 7 entries in the Australian draw and 4 in the non-Australian draw.

However, before I announce the winners, I thought I’d share some of the comments made regarding my questions about favourite Monday Musings and recommending future topics.

Regarding favourite Monday Musings, Meg said that she particularly enjoyed the posts introducing her to “another Australian author”. I like writing these author-based posts, so will try to inject a few more into the schedule over coming months. Bill (The Australian Legend) didn’t surprise when he said that he most liked the pre-WW2 posts, especially those inspired by Trove. I love writing those too, and do have one in the offing. I started it months ago, but hope to find time soon to finalise it.

Kate (booksaremyfavouriteandbest) didn’t name a favourite, but she was “amused” that my post on Older Men Protagonists was among those achieving the most hits. I know what she means.

Regarding ideas for future Monday Musings, a couple were put forward and – phew – both feel doable. First up was author Angela Savage who has been announced as the new CEO of Public Libraries Victoria. She said she’d love a post on libraries and librarians in Australian literature. Author Carmel Bird seconded that, and pointed me to some references to libraries in some of her novels. Thanks Carmel! The other idea came from a relative new commenter here, the originally named Sue. (Sorry Sue, as another Sue, I couldn’t resist that!) She wrote:

Australian Urban Novels – there’s so much emphasis on regional writing which is wonderful – since I live outside the cities – but I think urban based fiction could be interesting.  

I like this idea, partly because it’s been on my list of possible ideas for a long time. I have been pondering how to approach it, but Sue’s request has got my mind working and I think I have an idea. Watch this space …

Thank you Angela, Carmel and Sue for these ideas.

Meanwhile, on with the real business of this post. The winners are:

  • 7A (Australian-based address): Neil@Kallaroo
  • 3N (Non-Australian address): Cathy (746books)
Help Books Clker.com

(Courtesy OCAL, via clker.com)

Congratulations to Neil and Cathy, and commiseration to everyone else. You all deserve to win. Thanks so much for taking part, and thanks to everyone for your good wishes for Monday Musings’ ten years.

Now, to claim your surprise prizes Neil* and Cathy, you will need to send me your postal address for delivery of your book by midnight (AEST) on 24 August 2020. (My email address as at the bottom of my Who am I? page.)

If either or both of you don’t email me by the given date then I will re-draw a new winner for your prize.

As for me, I will get on to selecting your special prizes!

* Of course, I have yours, Neil!

24 thoughts on “Ten Year Monday Musings Giveaway Winners

  1. Thanks, WG. I shall go to bed with a smile on my dial. And when it arrives, I’ll let you know and tell everyone else what it is 😁

      • The books turned up today, in excellent condition: Amy Witting Selected Stories and David Malouf Ransom. Thank you, WG. I feel especially privileged to receive one of your mother’s books. I have read neither, and wasn’t aware of Witting. I don’t think I’ve read any Malouf, either, so I have a treat in store. 😊

        • Phew Neil, thanks for letting me know. I’m so glad. I think I said in my note – though maybe I didn’t – that Witting taught with Astley at a Sydney high school. (The one commenter Sue here went to.) I think Astley encouraged her to write, but she was a late bloomer in terms of publishing. Your reading group may like to do one of her novels.

          Ransom, Mum’s book, is a great read. I really hope you enjoy it.

        • I mainly read on my tablet, so I was struggling to read these two physical books. But today I was revving up the exercise bike, and noticed the books on the adjacent bookcase. “I wonder” thinks I “can you cycle and read at the same time?” The answer is “Yes”, so I have read the introduction to the Witting, and look forward to engaging with the stories. And I’ll get fit in the process!

  2. Urban settings come up a lot in say Tasma and Ada Cambridge, get grittier with the advent of social realism between the wars, but one of the most interesting to me is Frank Dalby Davidson who might have been the first to discuss suburban dysfunction, in White Thorntree.

  3. I look forward to your post on librarians in Australian literature, Sue. And I like the Australian Urban Literature idea, too. Happy to nominate examples from the crime fiction genre if you’re interested…

    • Thanks Angela – I wouldn’t want to overload the post with crime fiction because, of course I realise now you mention it, that it’s rich in urban settings, but I’d a love a few that you think would fit such a post. I am developing a little plan.

  4. Sue that’s great! Glad my idea of Australian novels set in cities has been chosen, and the one on libraries sounds terrific too. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you decide to approach both topics – I’m sure you’ll do it wonderfully well.

    Are you very cold in the ACT? It’s absolutely freezing here and sleeting!

    • Thanks Sue. I’ll do it as well as I can and hope it will be interesting!

      Yes, it was very cold here today – and the next two days are going to be colder. It was close to sleeting but maybe not quite that. Are you up in the New England area?

      • Hi Sue, no I’m just past the Blue Mountains. It was bitter here today – the wind was the worst thing. My book club was planning to meet at an outdoor cafe tomorrow – I think not! The next few days are going to be rather horrible I think. I wouldn’t mind if it snowed, at least it’s pretty – but rain/sleet/howling wind I can do without! My poor little dog is feeling it, he’s not young anymore. You stay warm there!

        • Ah, I thought you were further north. Sunny here this morning but forecast is for 8° I think. I hate cold rain and wind, particularly if I need to go out. Lovely – for a day – if I can stay tucked in!

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