Kiwis have style!

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Much as I, an Aussie, hate to admit it, those New Zealanders have style! Kimbofo has just posted, on her Reading Matters blog, New Zealand Book Council’s current promo – take a look here. Beautiful isn’t it? It springboards from Maurice Gee’s novel Going west – which reminds me that I really must read the Maurice Gee in my TBR pile soon.

On its website, the Book Council says that its mission is:

to inspire more New Zealanders to read more; to promote reading in general, but particularly to represent and promote New Zealand writing and writers – our own artists, stories and points of view.

I have not read anywhere near as many New Zealand books as I should (would like to, even!), but I have read some, most memorably:

I would recommend all of these, for different reasons. Clearly though, there are some big gaps here: the first one I should rectify is the aforementioned Maurice Gee. And, while talking about New Zealand writers, I have to admit that a few writers we claim as Aussies originated in New Zealand, including much-loved author Ruth Park and the poet and editor Douglas Stewart.

Hmmm…the more I think about it, the sooner we annex New Zealand as Australia’s 7th state the better! I’m sure Lisa at ANZLitLovers would agree!

6 thoughts on “Kiwis have style!

  1. Yes, you may! I’ve read a second one of hers but I just can’t recollect (looking at the Wikipedia list) which one it was. Both were lent to me and it was before my db and LibraryThing listings. (Probably in my diaries but when?? One day I’ll go through them and add them to my db). Anyhow, I don’t think it was The captive wife so I shall look out for that. (BTW Son has been offered a contract at Donburn and he’s very happy….)

  2. Interesting Post here Sue. I’ve often been tempted to spend a Reading Month or Two on New Zealand fiction. I used to adore reading Ngaio Marsh crime fiction and also loved Dorothy Butler’s advice on selecting children’s books and books for tiny babies. And of course the children’s author Margaret Mahy was a huge favourite of mine. One of her older children’s books called ‘The Catalogue of the Universe’ I still read about once a year. It describes the last day or two of high school, life-changing in the lives of two very beautiful potential adults.

    • Ah, I forgot Margaret Mahy. Didn’t she write that gorgeous picture book called The Jam Tree (or somesuch). I’ve heard of Ngaio Marsh of course but am not a crime fiction reader – my escapism is crime on TV! Taggart, Rebus, Wire in the blood and so on!

  3. It is a very stylish promo indeed, makes one rather intrigued about that particular book especially. The voice narrating it sounds particularly Aussie though and not Kiwi, bet that would have stirred the pot of controversy on that side of the ditch. I’ve not read a lot of Kiwi fiction either. Always mean to read more, and probably should since I’m married to one! I bought a Penguin edition of Katherine Mansfield’s short stories when there last time, and went to her house in Wellington.

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