Michelle de Kretser on the benefits – hmm – of travel

I could write posts and posts sharing gems from Michelle de Kretser’s Questions of travel, and who knows, maybe I will. Right now, though, I’ll just share one of the many commenting on how travel has infiltrated the way we live:

Laura Fraser belonged to an age and a place where an amazing thing was taken for granted: for the first time in history, ordinary people could raid the past and the planet to decorate their homes. Her eye was accustomed to ecumenical style, to African masks hanging beside industrial signage, to a witty postmodern aesthetic that refused to distinguish between designer and detritus, kitsch and cool.

Travel souvenirs

Tiwi meets Hopi meets Japan meets Navajo meets Quebec meets … hmm, guilty as charged

10 thoughts on “Michelle de Kretser on the benefits – hmm – of travel

  1. I am awfully guilty of this. Wish I could provide a shot – in fact there are some on my blog (peltandotherstories.blogspot.it/2013/03/i-had-gallery-in-africa.html) It’s mostly African treasures, but the old Venetian piece, stuff from the Brussels years, funky things from Ikea and a fab painting from a Melbourne artist, are shuffled in between. Yes we are very privileged to be moving around the globe like this. I’d love to read de Kretser’s book!

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